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RX Protection Film From XPEL 

Contains Silver Ions Which Inhibits The Growth of Microbes On Its Surface

What is Silver Ion Technology? This product is protected with Silver Ions, an antimicrobial, fungi-static agent which makes the product greener and fresher by inhibiting the growth of microbes, odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi on the products surface.

How does it work? In the presence of moisture, the ANTIMICROBIAL SURFACE PROTECTION additive gradually releases silver ions, which have the ability to strongly bind to cellular enzymes of the microbe while inhibiting enzyme activity in cell walls, membranes and nucleic acids. Microbes have a negative surface charge, so the silver ions with a positive charge are drawn towards them, disturbing the electrical balance. this results in the bursting of the cell walls, destroying the microbe.

What are the recommended cleaning guidelines? RX Protection Film can be cleaned with a wide variety of manufacturers bleach based and non-bleach based cleaners as well as Quaternary Ammonium Germicidal Wipes, from PDI, SafeTec, Steris, Jet and others. i.e., alcohol wipes, bleach wipes, germicidal wipes. Avoid hydrogen peroxide.

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Originally used to protect the leading edge of military
helicopter blades from wear and tear 
XPEL RX Protection Film is the next generation in screen protection systems. Precision cut for a wide variety of medical monitors and devices, XPEL RX Protection Film screen protectors can be customized to fit virtually any screen or monitor in a health care facility. XPEL RX Protection Film protectors offer incredible scratch resistance and the durability necessary to stand up to even the harshest conditions. With incredible optical clarity, they provide a virtually invisible layer of screen protection, for everything from small hand-held devices to large surgical monitors.

  • Optically clear for incredible screen clarity

  • Engineered to last, and strong enough to withstand intense medical environments

  • Unrivaled scratch protection

  • Precision cut for custom fit on a wide range of hand held devices, touch screens, surgical  monitors, and more.


XPEL RX is specifically formulated to resist the growth of microbes on its surface. Combining the industrial strength of our Silver Ion Material with its unrivaled impact resistance and HD clarity, XPEL RX Protection Film is the ultimate defense for your device. clear for incredible screen clarity



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