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Improve Your Existing Windows

Our products Make Your Glass Stronger, Safer  Block UV, Reduce Energy Costs & More 

Tintmax is a 3M Window Film Installer delivering market-leading window film solutions in NYC since 1990.  Licensed, insured and backed by comprehensive manufacturer guarantees, our team of industry professionals is ready to hear from you 24/7.


Security Film

sun window film

Solar Control Film

decorative window tinting film

Decorative Film

privacy window film

Privacy Film

home window tinting

Insulating Film

mirrored window film


home tint film

Call today and find out how you can save money on your Commercial or Residential window film project.

We Only Partner With The Best

To be the best in execution, you have to partner with the best in production. Among our many trusted relationships are names like 3M, Avery, Madico, and Johnson Window Films. We’re also proud to be an Authorized 3M window film dealer 

glass window film
3M window tint
UV window film
3M tint
privacy film
privacy tint

Commercial Buildings

window protection film

Improve Energy Efficiency

  • Reduce heat gain in summer months by up to 79%

  • Keep tenants comfortable and keep your HVAC system from working overtime.

  • Eligibility for Con Ed rebates to help get faster payback

  • Insulate against the cold with 3M Low E Window Film 

house window tint film

Keep Tenants Comfortable

  • Block 99 % of harmful UV rays

  • Warm in the winter Cool in the summer

  • Reduce glare and fade while preserving your view.

  • Brighten spaces naturally with Daylight Redirecting Film.

  • Keep tenants happy. Keep them leasing

3M security window film

Style and Function with Decorative Film

  • Dozens of decorative film patterns

  • Etched or Frosted glass at a fraction of the price.

  • Affordable and easy to replace 

  • Distraction markers, Gradient film, One-way mirror film.

commercial window film

Stronger, Safer Glass

  • Provides a strong barrier to help hold glass in place in case of forced-entry, hurricane winds, vandalism and even bob blasts

  • Available in clear, mirrored, tinted and frosted

  • Blocks 99% UV rays

commercial tinting

Residential Homes

Protect What Matters

3M Window films offer superior performance for your home, providing enhanced comfort, energy savings, security and privacy. Protect artwork, furnishings and your skin by significantly reducing harmful UV trays. Transform plain glass surfaces into elegant architectural statements.  Tinted, frosted, mirrored or gradient film at a fraction the cost.

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