Certified Precision

Tintmax is an Authorized 3M window film dealer and a Certified 3M Paint protection company. We offer Pre-cut kits or custom hand cut patterns.

Tintmax utilizes computer cut patterns for all our vehicles and commercial applications. We do not do any cutting on the vehicle. We have over 10,000 templates, with current updates added daily. We can cut an entire vehicle in 2 minutes or less which means we can complete the installation faster. Professional fitting, flawless micro edge finish cuts each and every time.

Why choose TintMAX?

In today’s competitive world there are a number of window tinting companies that have emerged that claim perfection, quality, affordability and service. So who do you choose? Our answer… The one with the most experience. Having over 20 years of experience, we have mastered perfection, take pride in our work and offer the best warranty in the industry. We leave you with no worries other than which service to perform first. Many try to emulate, but fortunately for us service, quality and perfection are not that easily replicated. These traits are learned. This is why experience is our best service. We stand behind all of our work and our customers. We hope one day we can satisfy you as well.

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